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Bluetooth connect with your AIRBOARD PRO hoverboard with app and unlock these awesome features at the touch of a button!

• Real Time Speedo

• Set Speed Limit

• Battery Level Indicator

• Self Balance Turn On / Off

• Change LED Lights Colour

• Adult Mode an Kids Mode

• Real Time Diagnostics

On your Apple or Android device simply click on the
applicable logo to download and connect to your Airboard PRO Hoverboard.

Hoverboard with App Speedo Screen.

Bluetooth Hoverboard connect with your AIRBOARD PRO INFINITY WHEEL and unlock these awesome features at the touch of a button! This is the interactive speedo screen for your hoverboard. The hoverboard with app will tell you in real-time how fast you are going! How fast can you go on your hoverboard, race your friends and see who has the fastest hoverboard!

Don’t forget you get your FREE BUGGY with HOVERBOARD from Airboard PRO and this speedo feature makes for great fun when using your Buggy to clock your fastest speed!

Hoverboard App System Setup Screen.

AIRBOARD PRO Hoverboard with phone app system setup screen, here you have total control of your swegway and buggy, you can turn on or off the genius in built Airboard PRO technology.

SELF BALANCING – When this feature is turned ON your board will self level all by itself, and assist you to always find that level position – it will find the zero horizontal position before you even stand on the hoverboard. This is a fantastic feature for younger ones who are learning how to ride their self balancing hoverboard.

With this feature set to OFF you will have to balance the hoverboard yourself and is only advised for the more adventurous or experienced rider.

ADULT/CHILD MODE – your hoverboard will react smoother in Child mode, again to help and assist younger inexperienced riders to balance with smoother more controlled reactions to the hoverboard riders movements, it will feel softer to ride. In Adult mode the board rider will feel more in tune with the Airboard PRO and you will be able to feel it is more responsive to quicker movements.

MPH / KMH – Simply flick between the speedo being in MPH or KMH – its entirely upto you – this will change speedo needle on the speedo screen to reflect either setting.

SET SPEED LIMIT – If you are nervous about your child learning how to hoverboard for the first time perhaps, you can set the board to go no faster than the speed you set in the app. Especially good for young riders getting to grips with their new AIRBOARD PRO HOVERBOARD.

Hoverboard with App LED Select Screen.


YES that’s right you can select any colour lights front and back for your Airboard PRO, feeling BLUE go for it, pretty in pink? No problem – just select on the LED SELECT SCREEN which colour you feel like and hey presto! Ride your hoverboard the way you want to!

…..NOT SURE? no worries, just click “AUTO COLOUR CHANGE” and let the hoverboard do it for you, stunning LEDs on all our stunning Airboard PRO hoverboards.

Hoverboard with App Fault Analysis Screen.

HOVERBOARD NOT BEHAVING? – First try rebalancing your hoverboard with simply steps – SEE YOUR HOVERBOARD MANUAL on how to do this.

If your hoverboard doesn’t respond to a rebalancing you may have an internal fault and this FAULT ANALYSIS screen can give a great insight into what may be the problem as a result of an impact – here on the top line we can see if the LEFT PCB the MOTHERBOARD or the RIGHT PCB are functioning properly. On the second row we can see the diagnosis of the LEFT MOTOR WHEEL, the BATTERY and the RIGHT MOTOR WHEEL status’ are normal.

As you can see this is an extremely insightful and helpful hoverboard feature and makes it easy to understand what may need replacing if any of these internal components are damaged.