Hoverboard Shop Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions and answers to some of the frequently asked questions we have had in the past about our hoverboard swegway store about the essential information you need to understand which of our products we offer will be best for you to purchase from us. For a more in-depth look into specifications of our hoverboard and swegways, please download our manual pdf, or visit the swegway hoverboard manual page for the online version. Also have a look at all the different Airboard PRO models we sell that are available in the hoverboard swegway shop section of our website. Make sure you checkout the hoverboard swegway reviews page that our customers in the past have made about our products that we believe you will find interesting when choosing the right model for you!

Need help building your buggy?

Visit this link for a walk through video BUILDING YOUR BUGGY


How do Airboard PRO Hoverboard Swegway actually work?

While generally they are known by the name of a ‘hoverboard’, they don’t actually hover nor is that the officially correct name – the correct name is a “Self Balance Electric Scooter”. They function much like a small Segway (they are also referred to as “swegways” by some and the cool kids of youtube, who coined this phrase back in 2015 that seems to stick) rather than a handlebar to steer the Airboard PRO is controlled with your minor adjustments in your feet, legs and torso.

It is important that you follow our instructional guide in your manual or online, always keep your feet facing forward and equal distance away from the wheel arch. There is more info on how to get started on our hoverboard swegway manual page!

Are Airboard PRO hoverboards safe?

Airboard PRO hoverboard Swegway are entirely safe and come with a UK compliant technical file inspected and verified by SGS – The largest test house in the world. Our batteries are supplied directly from exclusive partnership factory and we go to very extensive measures to ensure compliance and safety please visit our hoverboard swegway certification page to see our complete technical file certificates for test completed. We believe our technical inspected and verified by SGS and a third party compliance specialist, complete with batch tests to ensure that the product you receive is entirely safe and long-lasting. These standards are upheld year on year in line with UK safety regulations. All our products come with safe and certified UK chargers, batteries, fuses and plug. All components confirmed and verified genuine.

Please see our Hoverboard Swegway Certification page.

**Unfortunately, our research and extensive experience over the last 6 years indicates that around 95% of online sellers that claim to use genuinely safe tested batteries are in fact fakes from China which can be very dangerous.

Do Airboard PRO hoverboards set on fire?

No. Back in 2015, when hoverboards first appeared in the UK there were many reports of hoverboards catching fire or even exploding. This gave hoverboards and swegways a very bad reputation in the beginning with many retailers refusing to stock certain untested and unverified brands who couldn’t prove compliance with the correct certification. However, the problem was commonly with fake batteries, plugs and fuses which led to over-charging of unsafe batteries, many were counterfeit models with poor electronics, poor components and almost no testing certification in place.

All Airboard PRO hoverboards sold to date use safe and verified batteries and internal components, our components are rigorously tested and our boards after construction rigorously safety tested and inspected for safety and compliance, so you don’t need to have any concerns over your board catching fire when you buy from Airboard PRO. We have a 100% safety record to date. Please see all our testing certificates front pages for all our products which extends to over 500 pages to achieve compliance in the UK.

Airboard PRO take hoverboard safety and compliance very seriously indeed, it has been our aim over the last 6 years to deliver the best and safest product to the UK market.

Are Hoverboards legal in the UK?

YES. Hoverboards certainly are legal in the UK to own and use – however, they cannot be used in certain areas. It is currently illegal to ride a hover board on public roads and public pavements. However, on private property and in many parks around the country swegways and hoverboards are perfectly legal to use and be enjoyed.

Always use your Airboard PRO hoverboard swegway hoverkart or go kart attachment with respect of other people, make sure you have ample room to stop and avoid crowded places.

Please see our online hover boarding manual for more information.

Are the products you sell in stock?

All Airboard PRO models, that show as in stock online are available for purchase.

Only in very extreme circumstances or busy periods (xmas) this may not be the case – we strive to keep our stock levels represented online at all times. Our stock is held in Trafford Park in Manchester and is ONLY shipped from there. We do not drop ship. We are a UK based company with a UK warehouse and we use “APC Overnight” to ship all our products from within the UK.

All orders received by our team are dispatched within 2 working days by tracked and signed for courier (APC Overnight) on a secure service so you have piece of mind when ordering from us.

Why are hoverboards, Hoverkarts and Go-Kart attachments so popular?

If you’ve ever gone for a ride on a Segway you’ll understand the popularity of the hoverboard and particularly the popularity in younger children. Our extensive experience of talking to novices in store and also giving lessons to adults and children revealed just how easy it is to master with our self righting technology that assists you to keep the board level at all times. This technology alone is a far cry from when we started in 2015. The advancement of the technology is something that we all at Airboard PRO are proud of. This is a fun and seamless way of travelling. Much easier to master than riding a bike or a skateboard, the riding of an Airboard PRO hoverboard feels easy and effortless (although riding one can be something of a workout for many people and can improve your core). They are much more convenient, far cheaper and more easily stored than a Segway too. But the most fun to be had is with the Buggy attachment, which turns your standup hoverboard into a sit down buggy steered by your hands while sat down, more speed and more control at higher speeds the buggy from Airboard PRO is an addictive thing!

Every child should have an Airboard PRO! just like their first bike! Watch their confidence grow when they master both disciplines of standing and sitting down on the free buggy attachment.

We’ve sold over 18,000 units in the UK and there is no sign of it slowing down with new young riders getting their first board each year once they are old enough!

How fast do Airboard PROs actually go?

Airboard PRO hoverboards reach a top speed of 20kph – much faster than walking. Please understand that the top speed can be achieved a lot easier when sat down using the buggy attachment and driving the motors harder with your arms and without having to balance on your feet. With your feet you will need to be an experienced rider to achieve the very top speed.

Your free Airboard PRO hoverboard app for your phone that connects to your Airboard PRO will tell you in real time how fast you are going!

Please visit our Hoverboard with app information page for more details on the cool features the app has, including, speed setting, adult and kids mode, self balance on and off, change the colour of the LED lights and more!

When was the hoverboard invented?

The initial concept of the hover board appears to have been invented around 2013, although they arrived to the mass market in the UK in 2015, there are many individuals who claim to have patented the idea first. Many companies in the UK have come and gone over that time, many struggled to invest in and provide the correct documentation for UK compliance. This is something we feel incredibly passionate about and we constantly update our technical file with new standards applicable each year. See our technical file here.

What should I call my hoverboard?

Well… technically a hoverboard is a low level flying platform (that looks like a skateboard without wheels) that hovers just above the ground, think Back to the Future II and Marty McFly! But we call our boards hoverboards (we think it sounds cool!). You may also hear them referred to as; hands-free Segway’s, another term the Youtubers came up with in 2015 was “swegway” – think like Hoover for a vacuum cleaner, Hoover is a brand name that just stuck – the term “swegway” was very prominent early on after the UK launch and just stuck – Call them what you want!

We prefer to call them Airboard PROs!
Most kids now refer to them as either a Hoverboard or a Swegway.

What can an Airboard PRO hoverboard swegway be used for?

Once you learn to ride them properly, our products are so much fun! You can move forward and back, spin around and stop at will. Impress your friends with our superb self balancing technology that just gets better and better every year! They are awesome for adults and kids and while using our hoverboard with phone app you can turn all the features on or off – adult mode, self balance mode, boom your tunes through bluetooth, track your fastest speed, attach your free buggy attachment and voila you now have a buggy that is so addictive!!! whether it be a fun toy to play on or something to assist you with work or around the house, when you get in sync with an Airboard PRO you will not believe how responsive it is – and the speed with the buggy is just next level! – Enjoy!

How do you ride a Hoverboard?

So you’re now ready to get moving!
Get on one foot at a time from behind the Airboard PRO and always get off the rear one foot at a time. First of all use the Airboard PRO using just one foot i.e. one foot on Airboard PRO one on the ground; just to feel the movement of the Airboard PRO. Tip foot forward and feel the Airboard PRO move forward. Tip foot backwards and feel the Airboard PRO move backwards. Master the Airboard PRO moving back and forth before trying both feet. The Airboard PRO is incredibly sensitive, slight movements are all that is needed for the board to react.

First time on an Airboard PRO?
OK, hold on to something i.e. to a person or a fixed object like a kitchen work surface. Once on with both feet stand still and allow Airboard PRO to balance before you move. The secret to your success is to make sure you can stand still in the horizontal position on the Airboard PRO.

Now lean slightly forward and press lightly on the front of the pedals and you will start to move forward. Drop your heels and therefore the opposite applies and you will move backwards. Just try to move forwards and backwards while holding on.

To rotate the Airboard PRO press one pedal forwards and one backwards, whilst taking care to stay balanced on the Airboard PRO. Try moving forwards slowly now. Keep holding on to someone’s hand till your confidence grows. With a bit of patience and practice you will master it in no time. Most people can start moving with confidence in under an hour, some people pick it up in just 5 minutes.

Always refer to your manual.

How much does a hoverboard weigh?

Our quick and nimble 6.5″ CLASSIC weighs 10kg.
– suitable for 5 year olds upto adults!

The awesome NEW! 6.5″ INFINITY WHEEL weighs 10kg.
– suitable for 5 year olds upto adults!
– with the unique Infinity LED wheels!

The bigger much heavier 9″ MONSTER weighs 14kg.
– suitable for 7 year olds upto adults!

Formula one looking 8.5″ F1 weighs 15kg.
– suitable for adults only!


What is the weight limit for a rider on an Airboard PRO?

The maximum weight limit on all our Hoverboard Swegway is 150kg.
The maximum weight limit on our Buggy attachment is 120kg.
The maximum weight limit on our Go-Kart is 150kg.

Please follow all the in instructions for each of our products in your manual.

How much energy does it take riding a hoverboard?

The short answer is not too much energy at all!

The long answer is if you ride an Airboard PRO Hoverboard Swegway for long periods of time, when you first start learning you may experience some initial soreness in your calf muscles after a while. This goes for all hoverboards.

If you use your hoverboard on a regular basis stood up, the soreness in time will go  and your muscles will adapt to the exercise.

Sitting down on your free buggy attachment is even easier!

How durable are Airboard PRO hoverboards?

Airboard PRO have engineered our range of hoverboards an attachments to incredibly high standards and are incredibly durable. Under inspection from our UK accredited test house any imperfections in manufacturing are not tolerated and as such do not make it to our stock held here in the UK.

The wheels are very thick and grippy and made of real rubber, not that plastic junk you see on cheap hoverboards.

Airboard PRO hoverboards Swegway and attachments are made to handle flat terrain, and even small curbs, typically up to a full inch. 

Just be careful when riding and always ride with respect for other people!

What happens if I get it wet?

If you get your Airboard PRO hoverboard a little wet, don’t fret. We’ve engineered our hoverboards to be protected from slight dust, wind, and minimal splashing water.

Each Airboard PRO Hoverboard Swegway was built to an IP code rating of IP54.

Although we’ve build our hoverboards to be dust and water resistant, we still suggest riding them away from sandy places such as the beach, and also away from water. It will not handle that sort of terrain and any water damage is not covered under your warranty.

It is not advisable to ride your hoverboard or Hoverkart in the rain.
Our online manual page is here!

Where is the warranty, shipping, and return information?

All the links to our warranty and returns policy are at the bottom of our website and what is covered as part of your 12 month warranty is also on the back of your manual that came with the hoverboard in the box.

You can download the digital version of the hoverboard manual here!