SWEGWAY companies and UK compliance

It has come to our attention AGAIN!!!! that certain swegway websites are in fact NON-compliant!!! some that are very aggressive indeed in google advertising and facebook advertising, seem to be acting very evasively when the subject of their Swegway technical file is raised. Their technical file should be over 500 pages in detail.


1. AVOID IF – It is simply not enough for a company to say we have our own technicians who check the swegways “in house”. To test a swegway takes thousands of £££’s with trained UK accredited test houses, its not a job for an in house electrician!

2. AVOID IF – “We have swegway certificates, but we cannot show them to you until you order”.

3. AVOID IF – Certain companies paying for google ads have duplicated their website and stock under a different name in an attempt to mislead the customer and have rebranded in an obvious attempt to avoid being caught up with by Trading Standards. Be careful!

4. AVOID IF – Frustratingly, many websites say they are tested in the UK and are compliant, this is not always the case – again always ask for that 500 page technical file.

5. Any board sold in the UK needs traceability, this is achieved with the correct markings on the bottom of the board which relates back to the verified technical file. MAKE SURE THE BOARD YOU HAVE HAS THE CORRECT MARKINGS ON IT – OUR BOARD MARKINGS CAN BE SEEN HERE – Every board must meet certain safety directives, most companies cannot produce the required documentation which states their product meets the standards set out in the correct safety directives and therefor they do not have any markings on the bottom of the board. WATCH OUT FOR THESE UN-MARKED BOARDS probably no technical file for compliance. AVOID IF THERE IS NO STICKER ON THE BOARD.

6. AVOID IF – The packaging that your board arrives in isn’t branded correctly with the company name logo and traceability for place of business.

7. TRANSPARENCY IS EVERYTHING! If its not on their website, the chances are they aren’t compliant. Why would you not prove you have been checked and verified for the UK market?

8. IS THE COMPANY A REGISTERED COMPANY WITH COMPANIES HOUSE? Make sure there is a UK registered company number, is there an address and telephone number available? Again, if not PLEASE AVOID.

Ask them for their technical file. – Any excuses, PLEASE AVOID.
Our technical file was collated and verified compliant on 13th May 2016 – over 500 pages checked and passed relating to all relevant safety directives applicable to swegways for sale in the UK.

10. IS THE BOARD BRANDED WITH THE COMPANY LOGO? It may be a lovely colour, but has it got a logo on it? If not, it has probably been imported cheaply from any ole place they could get their hands on new stock!! then forwarded onto you. No trace of where it has come from. All our boards have come from our sole factory, branded with a Airboard PRO Swegway Box. All Airboard PRO boards are branded for quality assurance.

11. Read independent review sites such as TRUSTPILOT or GOOGLE REVIEWS, simply search the company name – it will quickly become apparent if the company are legit, have history and are sincere in their business practices. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is – DO NOT RISK IT – pop up sites and new limited companies will most probably not exist come february 2020 leaving you high and dry should you need them.

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